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Servicing California Since 2000

At Innovative Claims Solutions, our mission is to reduce our clients’ overall cost of workers’ compensation liability by providing quality claims management integrated with value-oriented medical management programs. Our goal is to incorporate excellent customer service that takes care of legitimately injured workers while involving the employer in the process throughout the life of the claim. We utilize our vast experience and knowledge of workers’ compensation to focus and execute our primary responsibility, which manages our client’s program and provides service to their employees while assembling the ‘best in class’ team of medical management partners.

 We Take a Great Amount of Pride in What We Do

During the past twenty years, ICS has demonstrated its ability to provide a superior claim product and solve client workers’ compensation problems by developing unique and creative customized programs. We strive to provide our clients with a unified claims management program that keeps pace with California workers’ compensation claims administration’s increasingly complex nature.

Our History

ICS has been serving its customers for over twenty years. We focus on the one thing we do best – managing our clients’ claims. We team with our clients to select the best in class for every vendor and provider involved with claims management. We think that claims handling is the most important piece and should not be the loss leader to support other services. We feel it in is our client’s best interest to retain the best in each field – the best in claims handling, bill review, utilization review, investigation, litigation defense, and other medical management facets. We want to ensure that these cost-saving tools are utilized only when necessary and want to avoid the enticement to use these services to bolster our bottom line. With our record of proven results, why not pick the best in claims management and let us help assemble the best in class for all other services?

“Our City has had ICS as our claims administrator for over 10 years. They have provided consistent, excellent claims administration and helped us with many of our own internal procedures and policies. They are the best.”

Providing Consistent Value

ICS stays abreast of all legislative and adjudicated issues that may affect our clients’ programs, and we provide that information to our clients. We take pride in providing customized training and educational programs, annual and semi-annual program reviews that utilize loss analysis graphs and management reports. We also provide an overall review and support for your entire workers’ compensation program. We will go the extra mile to provide the customer service that our clients deserve with every interaction.

Management Team

Jason Dawson

Jason Dawson, CEO, is responsible for the vision and direction of the company. Focusing on Return-to-Work strategy and proactive communication that leads to better outcomes, he is passionate in his approach to lowering total client spend. Jason brings more than 15 years of industry experience through his leadership and knowledge of owning and operating multiple businesses and is a co-owner of ICS.

Angela Argiros

Angela Argiros, VP of Operations, is responsible for the day-to-day claims operation of both ICS offices.

Angela has over 25 years of experience in worker’s compensation claims and has been administering claims for public agencies since 1990.

Angela has been with ICS since 1997 and has her Self-Insured Certificate.

Dan Greco

Dan Greco, VP of Client Services, is responsible for all sales and marketing activities for ICS. Dan’s primary goals are to strengthen relationships and build value through purposeful contact with clients to better understand evolving needs or share new ideas, problems, or solutions to capitalize on the collective knowledge and creativity of our client base. Dan has been with ICS since 2020 and has over 12 years of experience in the workers’ compensation claims field in various Business Development and Client Services roles.


Superior Audit Results

Best compliance with Industry Standards

Reducing Open Inventory

Innovative Claim Solutions, Inc. (ICS) has provided new clients with significant reductions in their open inventory of claims compared to when ICS was appointed as the administrator.

Reducing Closing New Claims

ICS accelerates new claims through the process quickly, providing higher year-end closures.

Reduction in Average Number of Disability Days

ICS reduces lost time by aggressively pursuing return to work with the injured employee, treating doctor, and the employer.

Reduction in Defense Attorney Costs

ICS reduces defense attorney costs by examiner control of the claim file and use of our Litigation Management Guidelines.

Reduced Litigation Rate

ICS achieves lower litigation rates for our clients because of our Employee Advocacy Program and frequent examiner communication with your injured employees.

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