Third-Party Administrator for Workers’ Compensation

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

We’ve been servicing California claims for two decades, and no end in sight.


Claims Administration

We combine quality claims management with value-oriented medical management to reduce overall costs.


Managed Care

ICS will partner with one of many managed care full service medical cost containment organizations specializing in workers’ compensation.

Litigation Management

For those occasions where litigation is unavoidable, we have developed extensive procedures for litigation management.

Disability Management

ICS is a huge proponent of early return to work, modified duty and early intervention disability management programs.

Employee Advocacy

Our unique ‘Employee Advocacy’ philosophy recognizes your injured workers are our customers, and we care for them accordingly.

Our Mission

Reduce our client’s overall cost of workers’ compensation liability by providing quality claims management integrated with value-oriented medical management programs. We utilize our vast experience and knowledge of workers’ compensation to focus and execute our primary responsibility, which manages our client’s program and provides service to their employees while assembling the ‘best in class’ team of medical management partners.

What Our Customers Are Saying

City Risk Manager

“Our City has had ICS as our claims administrator for over 10 years. They have provided consistent, excellent claims administration and helped us with many of our own internal procedures and policies. They are the best.“

City HR Director

“Three years ago we selected ICS as our claims administrator through an RFP process. We couldn’t be happier with the transition and claims handling since we made our decision. ICS is upfront with their administration and there are no hidden costs and overcharging that we saw with our last administrator. I can highly recommend ICS to any public agency.“

See how ICS Performed when Audited by their Customers

We are audited by our customers every other year to ensure that ICS is doing an outstanding job at administrating claims. Click the buttons below to see how we did.

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