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ICS Achievements - The ICS Success Story

We’re Proud of our Achievements!

Please review this PDF document to see examples of the outstanding achievements we’ve attained for our clients.

Superior Audit Results

Best compliance with Industry Standards

Reducing Open Inventory

Innovative Claim Solutions, Inc. (ICS) has provided new clients with significant reductions in their open inventory of claims compared to when ICS was appointed as the administrator.

Reducing Closing New Claims

ICS accelerates new claims through the process quickly, providing higher year-end closures.

Reduction in Average Number of Disability Days

ICS reduces lost time by aggressively pursuing return to work with the injured employee, treating doctor, and the employer.

Reduction in Defense Attorney Costs

ICS reduces defense attorney costs by examiner control of the claim file and use of our Litigation Management Guidelines.

Reduced Litigation Rate

ICS achieves lower litigation rates for our clients because of our Employee Advocacy Program and frequent examiner communication with your injured employees.

See our Examples of achievements

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